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WildlifeMy pictures of wild critters

Bats of WilliamsA perspective on bats - website

Building SunshineA 13' cedar strip canoe

Animal PetsSome of our animals - past & present

InterestsThings to keep one busy

Solar HeatingA solar heating project in San Francisco

Airplane modelsBalsa & RC airplanes for fun

KejimkujikA 26' Thunderbird sailboat

Larry's KitesA variety of kites to test the wind

Maine Lobster BoatA 1/12 scale model. Page 1, Hull construction.
(Page 2)The Cabin
(Page 3)The Trim and Fittings
(Page 4)The Motor and RC Control.
(Page 5)The Fishing Gear
(Page 6)Operating on the Water
(Page 7)Naming Dave's boat

Wind ChimesBackground music for outdoors

Electronics Projects Page 1Test and Measurement Instruments

Electronics Projects Page 2Audio, Radio and Miscellaneous circuits

Electronics Projects Page 3Some of the manufactured instruments I have used.

The D32 OscilloscopeAn old scope revived.

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The Musings, Writings and Projects of L. Allan Jones

Wolfden Press

Wolves: courtesy, Dave Jones

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