Building the Boothbay Lobster Boat

A 1/12 scale RC model by Midwest Products Co., Inc
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Installing the Trim and Fittings


       This picture shows the addition of some of the mahogany trim while members of my family watch
the progress of Dave's boat from the window sill. I have not stained the stand yet and the cockpit
roof is waiting for the installation of the windows.


The stern deck is complete with the mahogany skids which protect the deck when it is piled high with lobster pots (traps) as they are pulled off into the water. The hatch cover is off. The stern hatch provides access to the steering gear and rudder shaft.


On the cockpit bulkhead are the instrument panel, the steering wheel and the door to the cabin. My door is mahogany veneer rather than with striping tape. The throttle and transmission controls are on the right side. I've added the life ring and fire extinguisher.


Here is the cabin roof with the cabin hatch and handrails. The hatch is hinged for opening which allows air to circulate over the motor. The cabin and roof trim pieces have been installed.


The toe-rail and rub-rail along the sheer line and the cockpit coamings are on. All trim parts have been touched up with marine varnish.


The windows are made of clear plastic. Instead of "Goop" to glue them in place I used "Aleen's Tacky Glue". Also, I did not use striping tape for the frames but made frames from 1/16" strips of mahogany veneer.


The bollard is a very sturdy post at the bow where anchor or mooring lines are tied. The mooring line, or the anchor line, then passes through the fairleads at the gunwale. This allows the boat to swing according to the wind direction.


The Chafe Gear is an assembly of wood stripe that protect the side of the boat when lobster pots are hoisted from the water and into the boat. The hoisting gear is not yet installed, it will be in the fishing section.


I've painted my ID buoy red and yellow. Mounted on the roof, it tells other fishermen that this is my color. The foghorn is an addition. I found it at "Harbor Models", along with the life ring, cleats, fire extinguisher and nav lights.

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