Building the Boothbay Lobster Boat

A 1/12 scale RC model by Midwest Products Co., Inc
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Out on the Water - Her Maiden Voyage

(Test Run)

I found an old fisherman just standing around with nothing to do so I gave him a job on my Lobster Boat. Here we are doing a test run in our spa. The radio controls worked well and the motor seemed to accelerate the boat so quickly I had to catch it before running aground at the side of the spa.


With a little bit of speed on the rudder turned the boat sharply but was not very responsive while going slow. Turning was better in reverse. The balance is good. Perhaps we should have a larger spa, or I'll take it to the lake on our next canoeing trip.

This view shows the port side.


I had two options to test float the Maine Lobster Boat, the second being our goldfish pond. I did not drive it here but it seemed happy just floating near the reeds and lilly pads. The goldfish were not too sure as they swam away to hide among the reeds—and they thought it was spring!

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