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Electronics Projects

Alphabetical List

AF/RF Generator

Aircraft Band Reveiver

Audio Amplifier, 3Watt

Audio Amplifier, 30 Watt Stereo

Audio Visual Bat Detector

Audio Frequency Wave Generator

Bat Call Simulator

Bat Detector, Heterodyne

The Bat Listener

Bat Spy (Recorder)

Binary Clock

Capacitor Meter

Counter, programmable

Counter, three digit up

Crystal Tester

Crystal/Oscillator Tester and
Frequency Counter

The D32 Oscilloscope Repair

Derek's Train Sounds

DSO 062 Digital Oscilloscope

DSO 068 Digital Oscilloscope

Digital Volt/Amp Meter

ESR Transistor Tester

FM Transmitter & Receiver

Frequency Capacitance Inductance Meter

Function Generator/Frequency Counter

FG-085 Function Generator

FG-500 Function Generator

Function Generator

Function Generator II

Gauss Meter

Infrared Detector for a Model Train

Infrared Tachometer

LC Meter

LED Binary Clock

Lux Meter

Magic Conjuring Board and Magic Wand

Model Train Throttle

(Oscilloscope traces of crystal & oscillator)

Oscilloscope Siglent 1052

Panel Meter Clock

Pulse Width Modulator

Pulse Width Modulator

1.25-30 VDC 3 Amp Power Supply

2 Amp Power Supply

1.5 Amp Power Supply

Dual Multi-voltage Power Supply

Strobe Light/Siren

Stroboscopic Tachometer

Transistor Tester

Tube Amplifier Circuits

Tube Tester Schematic

Ultra/Audio Tone Generator

Wave Generator

Wildlife Listener

Wind Meter

Zener Diode Tester