Building Sunshine

The first Voyage of Sunshine

The first voyage of Sunshine is scheduled for the week of August 6, 2012 at beautiful Lake of the Woods in the high Cascade Mountains
of Oregon. And yes, it all happened, on the 9th of August; on a beautiful day with a light westerly breeze. The whole family was there for swimming, paddling, fishing and lunch.

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trk canoes

   Sunshine is at last ready to head for the lake. Loaded beside her big sister on the modified canoe rack she fits very well. Weighing in at 45lbs, Sunshine is easier to load.

    Here are the two canoes at Lake of the Woods with Dave having a look at the lake and David trying his hand at fishing. Maeve and Rocket are in the foreground.

voyage at-low voyage

   Here's Dave paddling Sunshine with Rocket as navigator. Dave said he likes Sunshine. It is a little more tippy than the larger canoe but very responsive.
    In the background are Maya, Marria and Sasha paddling the 15'-10" canoe (no name) which Maya first paddled at Hume Lake when she was just two years young (See Building a Cedar Strip Canoe).

   At the center Sunhine looks our over Lake of the Woods toward the south end of the lake.

   And, to the right, Derek and me are out to try our hand in the new canoe. Derek is new to paddling the canoe but was doing a really good job with a smooth stroke and plenty of power. I found Sunshine to be much more stable with two people aboard.

at-low site

   Now its a turn for Sasha and Dave with passenger Marria. Here the water line is still visable which gives Sunshine a good 6" freeboard. The positions of we in the canoe are random.
      On the right is our picnic site with Kate waving to all, Dave having a cat-nap, and Maeve and Rocket faithfully tied up with their leashes.


   Just one more picture to celebrate the first voyage of Sunshine; Nana and Grandad out for their customary paddle on Lake of the Woods. It was a good day for swimming and canoeing and having the whole family there.

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