Building Sunshine

Reference Material



     Canoecraft by Ted Moores, 2000, Revised and expanded edition 2006, Firefly Books Ltd.

Canoecraft is considered by many to be the top canoe builder's book. It certainly is a beautiful piece and the instructions are thorough with many pictures and illustrations. The expanded edition covers the stapleless building method. Anyone who is building a strip wood boat should have Canoecraft.


  Building a Strip Canoe

     Building a Strip Canoe by Gil Gilpatrick 2002, DeLorme.

     This book covers just about everything and will help guide you through building your strip wood canoe, including building and caning you oun seats. There are plans for eight canoes from the 20' Guide to the 14' Puddle Duck. Paddle plans and instructions are in there too.


    The Modern Canoe

     The Modern Canoe by Stephen Pellerin and Ted Bissland 1994 Doubleday Canada Limited.

      The Modern Canoe is a guide that will take you through all the steps in building a wood strip canoe. Their instructions take you through building with Cedarglas Isothallic Resin or epoxy resin. Included are plans for six canoes.

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