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   Here are some memorable quotes and one liners that have stuck wtih me over time. Some are the words of others and some are mine.

    "Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours?" Gordon Lightfoot (The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald)

    This was not the magnicificant gray timber wolf that I had expected to see. This one looked old, feeble, and hardly able to move. "Caught in a trap!" I gasped. "You poor old wolf."

    Ramblin' 'round in my Wrangler Jeans,
    I'm riding pony all day.
    I like tortillas and refried beans,
    He likes his alfalfa hay.
    Pony likes alfalfa hay.

    My boat is sailing on a broad reach in an easy breeze just off Soquel Point. The whirrrr of my fishing reel brings me to attention. I grab for my fishing reel, while unknowingly releasing the tiller. I reel in my first salmon. The boat heads up into the wind and my second reel begins to whirrrr. The sails are flapping. I reach for the tiller and step on the fish in the cockpit. I fall back, breaking my number one fishing rod in two. I reel in my second salmon. As I am getting it into the boat, the wind is coming up. I haul on the main sheet to steady the sail. While trying to straighten up the mess, I slip on the fish and fall, breaking my number two fishing rod. The west wind is blowing us toward the rocky shore.