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My little book of short stories


    "Piggies" This is a story I was asked to write about one of my earliest recollections. While attending a song writing seminar, the speaker asked us to think of one of the first events we could remember, and write a half page. That was the beginning of "Piggies", and many more. When I was a small child my two mean cousins pushed me into the pig pen...

    "Black is White is Black (A Stroke of Luck)" I dreamed of a terrible accident, happening one dark night. There was an accident, but everything was reversed and things turned out all right in the end.

    "The Christmas Tree" Why was I always the one to go into the woods and cut our Christmas tree? That's what it seemed like to me. I loved the woods — I'd go there anytime. But, trying to find the perfect tree, that presents a greater challenge.

   "The Turnaround" This one covers several subjects: old cars, the forest, strange people, determination... Another story of time in the woods. Mostly though, for me, it was the realization that to kill wild animals is not cool.

   "White is Black is White" This story also came from a dream. Almost everything in the dream was black but in reality they were not black. This story however, did not end well.

   "The Big Pine Tree" A little more of a poem; The Big Pine Tree was a challenge to climb. Even on a cold, windy, Nova Scotia day it was all worth it in the end.

   "The Maple Tree" Our back yard was shaded by this huge, beautiful tree which provided climbing, tree houses, and maple syrup in the spring. Then, after Hurricane Edna hit, a whole new way of life ensued.

   "Lone Wolf Cry" A trip to the wilderness of Northern Ontario and the wilds of the upper Petawawa would turn up more than a few nice fish.


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