Recorded Albums (CDs)


Wilderness Wonders
Bound to be Free
In from the Storm
What We Am
Woods of Nova Scotia
Dancing Ponies
Whole Lot of Love
Blues So Bad
The Lady Jane


I Just Live to Love You
Dawg Gone
Mules in Human Skin
A Part of You
Gigantic Love
May Love Always Go with You
America We Can
We Are


How You Make My Heart Feel
Wings of the Wind
Take Me In or Turn Me Loose
Light Up Libra
Watsonville Woman
Glad to be American
We're Gonna Make it Through
Pony and Me


She Takes Care of Me
Barnyard Convention
Waiting for the Train
By the Firelight
Hole in My Pocket (blues)
Reach for the Top
You'd Still be King
My Life with You


When You Smile
Fields of Salinas
She's a Sweetheart
What a Pretty Lady
A Song
I'm a Trucker
Forty Times a Day
Pretty Yeller Gold
Wyoming Moon
Linda (Like Yesterday)


Different Hats
Lovin' by the Light of the Moon
Backyard Sanctuary
Wyoming Moon
Barnyard Convention
Hole in My Pocket
She Takes Care of Me
My Life with You


Number One Believer
Lights in the Sky
Lovelight in Your Eyes
Yesterday's Gone
Listen to the Children Sing
Wings of the Wind
Holes in My Knees
Better Than That
Glad to be American
My Dog
Holes in My Knees II
Time to Recycle


Tropical Ocean
You Carry Me Away
The Mighty Gray
Seattle Lady
Can We Save the Whales
Time to Say Goodbye
Grandad Was a Preacher
Main Street Lady

More Albums

Back in California
Jones Family Reunion
Songs and Sillies
Survey Party
Live at NCSA
Concert for Clippers
Larry Jones sings Lightfoot
Live at Art League Vol. I
Live at Art League Vol. II

Aptos Nursery (and dog wash) Concert
Gear Jammer Jim
Early Years Vol. I
Early Years Vol. II
Early Years Vol. III
Early Years Vol. IV
Early Years Vol. V
Early Years Vol. VI
Early Years Vol. VII

The Early Years albums are collections of really
bad recordings of songs written back to
the late '50s. The recording equipment I had
then and in the early '60s was certainly not the best either.

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